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Jun 18, 2022 | Check Printing

Chase checks order is an expensive and time-consuming process. If you are looking to save time and get more done with your day, you might want to consider printing checks instead of ordering them, so start printing Chase checks online using Zil Money and see how this is going to change your life.

 Zil Money A Complete Package

The platform is easy to use, and people can use it by writing checks, printing them, and sending them through the mail or phone. Users can use many methods to pay credit, debit, ACH, check, wallet-to-wallet, wire, etc. and keep their records accurate to improve their visibility and control.

The platform has 1 million users, 4,000+ new customers a week, and 50,000 transactions per week.

The online platform Integrated with 22000+ banks and financial institutions will enable users to connect multiple bank accounts and check formats on their platform. It helps detect fraudulent checks while supporting multiple banks and check formats.

Customers can use their mobile app to transfer money on their Phones, so they can still run their business on the go.

Cross-Platform Support:

Cross-Platform Support allows using it on a desktop or Smartphone customers can use both platforms in a user-friendly way.

Ordering Vs Printing

It can be time-consuming and expensive to order checks; businesses can print checks instantly online using a regular printer at home or in the office using the internet.

Thanks to the Check 21 Act, customers can now create and print checks using any printer and some blank stock paper easily. Pre-printed checks cannot be changed. But with Zil Money, they can change their checks whenever they want by using their platform’s interactive check design tool. Customers can use the drag-and-drop design tool the platform provides to add business logos, font styles, and background images.

Benefits of printing checks:

  1. Speed – ordering checks can take a long while printing them yourself is usually quick and easy.
  2. Accuracy – ordering checks can be inaccurate, while check print always comes with a guarantee of accuracy.
  3. Security – if you order checks from a third party, there is no way to know they are authentic. Printing checks always ensures that the checks are genuine.
  4. Convenience – check print may be more convenient than ordering checks if you are in a hurry.
  5. Appearance – Many believe that check print gives the impression that you are more financially stable than if you order checks.

How Zil Money Helps In Chase Check Printing

Zil Money provides many services like ACH payment, check printing, bill pay, and many such services. Placing an order for chase checks is far more time-consuming and costly. Instead, use this platform to print checks at a low cost and make checks more accessible and economical.

Chase offers a variety of checks for different purposes and needs. They offer personal checks, business checks, pre-printed checkbooks, and many more. The platform can be used to print all types of chase checks for a low cost.

The platform is an online service that provides the convenience of printing Chase checks in just minutes.

Can you use a printed check in a bank?

Yes, the check you printed will be valid throughout the USA. US banks accept checks printed from check software. Thanks to Check 21 Act, you can print checks using any printer.

What does the Check 21 Act say?

The Check 21 Act allows the creation of a new negotiable instrument known as a “substitute check,” this is a paper replica of an original check. If it is filled out correctly, it has the same legal value as the original check.

Use of Blank Stock Printing

Blank check stock is used to make checks and frequently comes with additional security measures, such as micro printing or watermarks. But with Zil Money’s check printing software, businesses can also print on plain white paper. Printing checks on blank check stock or plain white paper reduces 80% of check printing cost compared to third parties.

Overall, using a third party to order checks is not a good idea. It costs money and is not as safe as printing checks yourself. You can use Zil Money to print checks and get many benefits, such as increased security. As technology improves, use it wisely to help your business grow.

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